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Gallery of Mosaic Work
by Michelle McConnell and students of Big Tree Mosaics

click on the thumbnail to view a larger image or to view the whole picture sequence in the gallery

bigmosaicpicturen000 bigmosaicpicturen001 bigmosaicpicturen002 bigmosaicpicturen003 bigmosaicpicturen004 bigmosaicpicturen005 bigmosaicpicturen006 bigmosaicpicturen007 bigmosaicpicturen008 bigmosaicpicturen009 bigmosaicpicturen010 bigmosaicpicturen011 bigmosaicpicturen012 bigmosaicpicturen013


  bigmosaicpicture000 bigmosaicpicture001  bigmosaicpicture002 bigmosaicpicture003 bigmosaicpicture004 bigmosaicpicture005  bigmosaicpicture006   bigmosaicpicture007 bigmosaicpicture008 bigmosaicpicture009 bigmosaicpicture010 bigmosaicpicture011 bigmosaicpicture012  bigmosaicpicture013  bigmosaicpicture014 bigmosaicpicture015  bigmosaicpicture016 bigmosaicpicture017 bigmosaicpicture018 bigmosaicpicture019  bigmosaicpicture020   bigmosaicpicture021 bigmosaicpicture022 bigmosaicpicture023 bigmosaicpicture026 bigmosaicpicture025 bigmosaicpicture026 bigmosaicpicture027 bigmosaicpicture028

Some pictures have higher resolution versions. Click of the pic to check


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